James Irvin

James Irvin
James Irvin is Slope's VP of Customer Success. He works with study sites around the world to build scalable and adaptable inventory management solutions.

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Remembering to Calibrate

Posted by James Irvin on September 24, 2018
· Best Practices, Risk

Devices and equipment are absolutely essential to the success of a clinical trial. However, their accuracy and precision does tend to shift over time and with repeated use.

This is where calibration comes into play. The goal of calibration is to ensure that any uncertainty in device and equipment measurements are minimized. To do this, measurements made by a device are compared against a reference instrument or standard to check precision, accuracy, and limits.

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First In First Out

Posted by James Irvin on July 23, 2018
· Best Practices

Your study site’s supply closet can be a chaotic place. Today we'll be exploring a simple inventory management method that can reduce the chaos by ensuring you're always using the right inventory at the right time across all of your clinical trials.

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